Wk 15- Activity- finger painting

img_1164The experience of this activity was overall, fun. I just let my fingers gently flow and let the paint do the rest. It was a rather soothing experience.

I found this a bit easier because it was less material. Just finger, painting, and paper.

The way I feel this activity is related to the rest is because they all give you a chance to express yourself. With the colors given to us for any activity, we can just our colorway depending on how we feel. At least in my perspective.


Wk 15- Artist Conversation-Sam Mederios and Ramona Gomes

This weeks artist conversion was a bit different. At first, I was puzzled because it did not look like an ordinary artist conversation meeting. Instead, items were displayed for sale. Every item in every gallery was a piece of art listed for purchase. At first i was confused, but then it got interesting once I found out what it was. I had the opportunity to speak a little to Sam Mederios and Ramona Gomes. Sam is graduating next semester, while Ramona is graduating in 2020. Sam is graduating with a degree in sculpting and plans to pursue a career in art. Which is one of his dreams. Ramona is majoring in printmaking. Ramona is interested in stencil/print making. They are both talented artists that help create some of the pieces shown in the picture.

Wk 14-Art Experience-Instagram

img_1150This weeks art experience consisted of taking pictures for Instagram. This is not my first time using Instagram, but it’s my first account in two years. I have stood off Instagram because of the distraction it holds against me, but it felt nice to finally be back on. Throughout the day, i took pictures of what my day consisted of. My day started off by playing with my dog, to the drive to school, the beach, and ending it at school. After all my posts, I was checking Instagram often to see what other cool things my peers have been doing. Overall, this experience was fun and was new for a change. Our world today is based of electronics and social media, so it was nice doing something involving social media.

Wk 11- Artist Conversation #6

Artist: Caryn Aasness

Exhibit: To call it cute is to misunderstand

media: Yarn, paper 

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery 

About the artist 

Caryn Aasness is a current student at CSULB and is in her fourth year of her college career. She started doing her fiber art here at CSULB straight out of high school. She hopes to finish her undergraduate degree soon and continue a graduates program.

Formal Analysis 

Walking in the gallery, you just saw pure clothes and colors. At first, I had no clue but then I looked even closer. Every cloth had a paper next to it that corresponded to a specific color. It was interesting to see what the outcome of each color was.

Content Analysis 

At first I was confused because I was not sure what the pieces depicted, but she explained, it made sense. The page next the pieces corresponded to the colors and words. Each color and character made a phrased. I see the phrases as a form of motivation as some do sound motivational to me.


The pieces that the artists were working on was very interesting to see. Despite the colors, it meant something. Not only did it mean something in general, but it meant something to them. I had an interesting time trying to figure out the phrases that each piece meant. Her art pieces were not only colorful, but informative.


Wk 11- Classmate Conversation

His name is Damonte Ford, this is his second year at csulb and his major is film production. His goal in life is to become a sound engineer and work on projects such as music, video games, movies, tv commercials and more. On his free time, he likes to play sports, make music and sleep. He currently has one job at the moment and is also in a rap group. He also likes to travel a lot and hang out with friends.


Wk 10-Artist Conversation 7

img_1067Artist: Yingying Fu

Exhibit: The other side of the Pacific Ocean

Media: Canvas; Oil

About the Artist 

Yingying Fu is an artist who recently came from china three years ago. She is a masters of fine arts student with an option in drawing and painting in figurative. She got her inspiration of the drawings from taking pictures of people and other scenes at the beach; which all pictures depict.

Formal Analysis 

All the paintings in the gallery amused me. Every single painting looked so realistic. For a second I thought every painting was an oversized picture until I looked fairly close. Not only did they realistic, but the color choice made the image on the canvas stand out. The color is was gives it the most realistic effect. All paintings made me feel as if I was there in the scene.

Content Analysis 

She explains how all the paintings show the lifestyle here in California. If you see it from her perspective, she is a Chinese native who has a completely different lifestyle. For her to come to Los Angeles is a major change in her life, so the paintings represent what life is here compared to over there.

My Experience

i really enjoyed walking through this gallery because of the marvelous painintgs. The paintings made me feel as if I was actually there. I’m from Los Angeles, so I know what it’s like to live the California lifestyle. Not only were the paintings beautiful, but I loved the fact that I did not have to break my head to figure out what the artist was trying to portray.

Wk 9-Art Activity- Art Care Package

For this artist care package, I decided to send some personal items to my cousin who is based in the Navy in Bahrain; which is based in the Middle East. It’s been years since I’ve seen him so I wanted to send him some things to Jero him updated with what I’ve done recently. I send home some shoes which he gave me before he left, Harry Potter movies because I enjoy watching them and I want him to watch them as well, a cap, and some art materials that we used previously in class because he enjoys drawing.


Wk 7- Artist Conversation- Daniel Bonilla-Vera


Artist: Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Exhibit: Infraction

Media: Yarn and clothing

Gallery: Maxine Merlin Gallery

Website: dbvphotography.com

Instagram: @dbvqp

About the artist 

Daniel Bonilla-Vera is an artist attending CSULB from Central Valley California. He and his co-artist created this piece that really coaught my attention. Although the co-artist was not preset they both did a fantastic job. Daniel is a senior at our school who is a studio arts major. He recently submitted an application to the BFA photography program where he hopes to pursue his photography career. He mentioned this is his second time applying, but I’m sure he will get in!

Formal Analysis

This gallery defined ty caught my attention. At first I opened the curtain to the gallery and I was very curious because it was dark. It felt somewhat like a maze type of theme. I couldn’t see so I curiously walked inside. The scenery looked much like a maze and Halloween themed. The feeling you got when you were entering was what was expected. Excellent job with the yarn coming across the bodies laid on the floor. Beautiful piece overall.

Content Analysis 

The overall message of this piece was more of an angry piece. What both artist were trying to depict was the angrer they had against the SOA Galleries and the BFA Photography program. They are trying to show that they are trying to move away from the typical Gallery theme of hanging photographs on the wall. The bodies of the floor represent them as they reperesent their sadness.


I was very amused by this gallery set up. This is probably one of my favorite galleries I have seen so far. It was very much unique and creative. It had a very deep meaning to it and meant a lot to the artists. I hope all goes well with the application process as i have high expectations for Daniel. Overall, the piece was beautiful.

Wk 8- Classmate Concersation- Megan Salinas

Megan Salinas
3rd year
Kinesiology: Exercise Science

1. If this question pertains to music, then she would like to bring to light country music. She has a real passion for country music and the different tones that are within it. Country is such an underrated genre of music and she really would like to bring attention to the greatness that is within it.
2. She would be totally fine with her child pursuing a career in art. It’s a topic where they can literally do whatever they’d like and be happy with it. It would expand their horizons and broaden their views on life. They wouldn’t have the typical goals of becoming a professional athlete or doctor, they’d take a totally different approach and they’d do amazing things.
3. Instagram, snapchat and messages were the same