Wk 5-Artist Conversation-Jane Weibel


Artist: Jane Weibel

Exibition: Psycho Cycle

Gallery: Max L  Gatov East

Media:  ceramic and string

Website: janeweibel.com

instagram: @Janemargarette

Anout the Artist 

Jane Weibel is in her last year here at CSULB. She is currently part of BFA ceramics in the School or Arts. She was a former biology student in her early years as a CSULB student. By the looks of her art, she has strong views of the unequal treatment of women. It is great that she stands for what she believes is right.

Formal Analysis 

Her exhibition was appealing to me, and many other viewers. The artist’s paintings were full of color and life. Every single piece had different colors all around. For instance, the cage and paper shred pieces were very colorful which stood out in the gallery.

Content Analysis 

Jane Weibel is a feminist and this is what her pieces are depicting. The cage represents a more broad picture of women who are boxed in and are viewed a certain way. Just like prisoners, they are boxed in and put away in cells much like the cage she constructed. All of her pieces had to do with the inequality of women and how they are seen in today’s society.


Once I walked into the exhibit, the cage was what mainly stood out to me. Maybe because of the size difference, but that was the first thing that caught my attention. I enjoyed looking at her art because of the colors. Everything just stood out so nice with the lighting of the galleries. The color ways of her pieces often coordinated with each other making it stand out even brighter. I enjoyed looking around and thinking about her great work of art.


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