Wk 6- Artist Conversation- Blaine Scot Prow


Artist: Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibit: Extrusions

Media: Bristol Paper

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Instagram: @tiffuts

About the Artist 

Blaine Scot Prow is almost 27-years-old, and is graduating with his undergraduate degree. He has gone to school for almost 10 years now and has switched his major 3 times. He went from civil engineering to mechanical engineering, to art. He wanted to do more of the art things rather than just build. His main focus of work is graphical design and photography, but this piece was pretty much a side project.

Formal Analysis

This piece was all black and white which included no color at all, but rather three dimensional. His piece consisted of three dimensional shapes constructed on a sheet of paper. Every different shape had its own sheet to distinguish each one. All objects that he constructed were very straight and aligned with each other. The side and edge of each shape constructed was very precise.

Content Analysis 

This piece took him anywhere between half an hour to three hours to complete. His favorite one is the back one, which is the piece that consists of cubes. The hardest one to make was the one in the left corner. All these pieces involve a whole lot of Pythagorean theorem to find the sides of the shapes. He knows what kind of shapes to construct, but needs to use math to construct the length.


This exhibit really caught my attention, considering the fact that there was not color at all. It was very appealing to me because of the precision of the shapes. All the shapes that were constructed in this exhibit were on point, making it revealing to my eye. What was more amusing to me was finding out the meaning of the exhibit. Every piece I saw in this gallery made me ask myself, “why?” So, finding the story behind these cronstructions made me curious to why he chose to do this out of everything.


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