Wk 7- Artist Conversation- Daniel Bonilla-Vera


Artist: Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Exhibit: Infraction

Media: Yarn and clothing

Gallery: Maxine Merlin Gallery

Website: dbvphotography.com

Instagram: @dbvqp

About the artist 

Daniel Bonilla-Vera is an artist attending CSULB from Central Valley California. He and his co-artist created this piece that really coaught my attention. Although the co-artist was not preset they both did a fantastic job. Daniel is a senior at our school who is a studio arts major. He recently submitted an application to the BFA photography program where he hopes to pursue his photography career. He mentioned this is his second time applying, but I’m sure he will get in!

Formal Analysis

This gallery defined ty caught my attention. At first I opened the curtain to the gallery and I was very curious because it was dark. It felt somewhat like a maze type of theme. I couldn’t see so I curiously walked inside. The scenery looked much like a maze and Halloween themed. The feeling you got when you were entering was what was expected. Excellent job with the yarn coming across the bodies laid on the floor. Beautiful piece overall.

Content Analysis 

The overall message of this piece was more of an angry piece. What both artist were trying to depict was the angrer they had against the SOA Galleries and the BFA Photography program. They are trying to show that they are trying to move away from the typical Gallery theme of hanging photographs on the wall. The bodies of the floor represent them as they reperesent their sadness.


I was very amused by this gallery set up. This is probably one of my favorite galleries I have seen so far. It was very much unique and creative. It had a very deep meaning to it and meant a lot to the artists. I hope all goes well with the application process as i have high expectations for Daniel. Overall, the piece was beautiful.


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