Wk 15- Activity- finger painting

img_1164The experience of this activity was overall, fun. I just let my fingers gently flow and let the paint do the rest. It was a rather soothing experience.

I found this a bit easier because it was less material. Just finger, painting, and paper.

The way I feel this activity is related to the rest is because they all give you a chance to express yourself. With the colors given to us for any activity, we can just our colorway depending on how we feel. At least in my perspective.


Wk 15- Artist Conversation-Sam Mederios and Ramona Gomes

This weeks artist conversion was a bit different. At first, I was puzzled because it did not look like an ordinary artist conversation meeting. Instead, items were displayed for sale. Every item in every gallery was a piece of art listed for purchase. At first i was confused, but then it got interesting once I found out what it was. I had the opportunity to speak a little to Sam Mederios and Ramona Gomes. Sam is graduating next semester, while Ramona is graduating in 2020. Sam is graduating with a degree in sculpting and plans to pursue a career in art. Which is one of his dreams. Ramona is majoring in printmaking. Ramona is interested in stencil/print making. They are both talented artists that help create some of the pieces shown in the picture.

Wk 14-Art Experience-Instagram

img_1150This weeks art experience consisted of taking pictures for Instagram. This is not my first time using Instagram, but it’s my first account in two years. I have stood off Instagram because of the distraction it holds against me, but it felt nice to finally be back on. Throughout the day, i took pictures of what my day consisted of. My day started off by┬áplaying with my dog, to the drive to school, the beach, and ending it at school. After all my posts, I was checking Instagram often to see what other cool things my peers have been doing. Overall, this experience was fun and was new for a change. Our world today is based of electronics and social media, so it was nice doing something involving social media.